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Develop vertical businesses to start successful projects.

Mexedia ON Business Builder allows established companies as well as start-ups in the start-up phase to develop new businesses, providing them with the most innovative technologies.

Virtual Interactive Representative

Our Virtual Interactive Representative is a customized virtual avatar that can answer customers' questions, provide information about products and services, solve technical problems, and more. Among the main categories of application of this technology are customer service, sales force automation, online commerce, IT support, business operations and hospitality.
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Smart Office Assistant

Our Smart Office Assistant offers all-in-one solutions for managing working environments through a natural and intuitive interaction, all in a single Avatar, without the need to install multiple software programs: in fact, it integrates into daily activities through different platforms. It simplifies repetitive tasks, enhances internal and external services and promotes a better lifestyle among collaborators.
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Sport Cl-hub

Our Sport Cl-hub makes available to sports clubs those digital tools already adopted by the best clubs in the world for the management and monitoring of activities. It allows them to simplify their work with the help of a single dashboard, to have access to the most innovative technologies – from artificial intelligence to IoT, to dedicated software – to engage more fans and increase the involvement of partners and sponsors.
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