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Mexedia ON chooses NRS Group for the SMS messaging service of the Mexedia ON platform.  

An agreement has been signed between Mexedia S.p.a. SB and NRS Group, a Spanish company operating in the world of SMS messaging.

With 22 years of experience in the market and an unparalleled ROI on transactional and promotional marketing actions, NRS Group is the most reliable partner for Mexedia ON to optimize communication between brands and their customers. 

SMS text messages are a fundamental communication tool, with an opening rate of 98%. Deliverable in seconds and to any type of cell phone, they guarantee the sender certainty of delivery. On the one hand, they give a brand a high level of institutional status, contributing to its trustworthiness in customers' perceptions; on the other hand, they are the primary tool for making transactions and receiving OTP and 2FA notifications. 

Among the services offered by Mexedia ON through its agreement with NRS Group are promotional marketing SMS, the ideal solution for sending personalized promotions and enhancing user experience, including by sending links to more in-depth information and offers on sites and landing pages, and transactional SMS, for creating long-term trust-based relationships between brands and customers through real-time, personalized communications with security codes.

The NRS Group service ensures maximum protection for each account with the two-factor authentication system. ISO 27001 certification ensures optimal security and encryption of data on the platform.

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Mexedia expands its IoT and 5G offering with Mexedia Net+. 

Mexedia Net+, the new business branch of Mexedia S.p.a. SB, has been launched, designed to be the ideal interlocutor for Italian and foreign companies that want to define, implement and manage the best multichannel connectivity solution.

Mexedia Net+ provides integrated services to support IoT and Industry 4.0 digital transformation projects, on both public and private networks. It does so thanks to its distinctive multi-channel solutions based on the best available technologies, including 5G and satellite, integrated into the Mexedia ON platform.

It is an offer that fits along the route traced by the NRRP for the implementation of integrated services and multichannel connectivity, taking advantage of the acceleration on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The market for IoT applications and enabling technologies needed for IoT solutions (Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big Data/AI) is worth around €7 billion.

Logistics, Factories, Agriculture and Smart Cities are certainly among the markets that could benefit the most from IoT, 5G and satellite.

Mexedia Net+ offers services ranging from multi-channel IoT connectivity to private networks, from pre-integrated solutions and vertical apps to cybersecurity, from technology and design consulting to business and process consulting.

To lead companies of today into the future, winning the challenge of Digital Transformation.

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Mexedia ON strengthens its offer with the Stip platform, a leading company in the use of AI in Customer Service processes.

The agreement between Mexedia S.p.a. SB and Stip, an Italian company that operates in the world of Customer Service with its Artificial Intelligence to streamline its processes, has been signed.

The agreement allows the Mexedia ON platform to expand and enhance its offer to Brand customers, automatically managing first-level requests, for simple and relatively common problems, and solving 95% of complex cases in a single interaction with the operator, reducing customer support costs by 70%. Through Stip's AI, Mexedia

ON is able to support the Customer Service team, allowing it to increase its efficiency. This is thanks to a wide range of services that, for each Brand, represent an added value today.

From monitoring all content written by users (public comments, posts, emails, private messages, live chats and other types of interactions) on digital channels to identifying requests for assistance or information within the competence of the Customer Service team, including the recognition of other types of content, not relevant to or within the competence of other departments.

From the management and automatic resolution in real time of all requests for simple assistance or information, without the need for intervention by an operator, to the management of complex requests through Artificial Intelligence, enabling operators to be freed from all tasks without added value for the customer such as reworking, time necessary for the resolution of problems or waiting times.

From the automatic creation of categorized tickets, including all the information and sent directly back to the CRM with the assignment to the competent team to the optimization of the operators’ work, whose importance in the interaction with the user is never lost, but rather enhanced.

For these reasons, Mexedia ON, thanks to its agreement with Stip and a technology that travels on all channels - email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Web Chat, Twitter, Google Business Messages, Web Form, Telegram, Trustpilot - is the ideal solution for those Brands that want to maintain a constant, and proactive, interaction with their customers.

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Mexedia S.p.a. SB invests in the positioning of Mexedia ON. And it does so by relying on Gartner Inc.

Mexedia S.p.a. SB has closed the agreement with Gartner Inc., the
multinational strategic consulting, research and analysis company in the field of information technology. The Company will also launch Mexedia for the market positioning of Mexedia ON product.

To position itself as a market leader in CXPaaS solutions and establish itself as an authentic integrated ecosystem, Mexedia thus chose to rely on Gartner.The Company, with over 2,500 analysts, consultants and consolidated tools, will contribute in the coming years to translating the whole of Mexedia’s vision and execution capacity into reality.

The agreement involves support from Gartner, in the initial phase, on the areas that involve Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Positioning and Segmentation. Thanks to the specific and unique knowledge of the reference players, competitors, potential partners and potential prospects, Mexedia will be able to maximize its work. At a later stage, this support will also be extended to other sectors.

Among the first objectives set are the validation of current technologies, the business model and the Go-to-Market strategy identification; the identification of differentiators and the choice of where to focus investments will follow. Together with Gartner, Mexedia will focus on Brand Awareness and Brand Visibility and then frame the possible Channel Partners.

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