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Home Entertainment

Anyone looking to subscribe to a streaming platform knows how simple it is. However, this simplicity disappears in the subsequent stages if you need to receive detailed information about the service or help with solving technical problems. That's why it's important to establish direct, simple and lasting contact.

Spectacular. Targeted. Innovative.

Entrust your company's communications to Mexedia.

Full-screen benefits.

Streaming platforms today let people enjoy films and TV series, sports competitions and major events.

Drivers of change.

Customers are demanding a different way of consumption and interaction on streaming platforms.

A channel that's always open.

To be ever more responsive to the public's expectations, it is essential to rethink the modes of contact and interaction.

Discover all the services for the Home Entertainment industry.

Improve the interaction between your company and customers.
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A company's communication usually travels on several channels, in line with the multichannel – and omnichannel – logic that optimises the performance of each individual product. This approach involves an interconnected system between the various points of contact, with data transferred between the different channels and coherent strategies so that the customer has the same experience on all touchpoints.

Video Call

Video calls from web pages.

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