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Smart City

Mexedia ON offers administrations the possibility to provide timely information and updates; instead, it allows citizens to know the situation in real time and send their own reports, becoming an active part of the change: authentic sentinels of the quality of life in the city.

Smart. Targeted. Innovative.

Entrust your company's communications to Mexedia.

Omnichannel communication

Through a single dashboard, municipal administrations can connect with citizens on any channel, traditional or innovative.

Communication automations.

Thanks to bots, citizens can have immediate answers on topics of interest. Tags also allow you to prioritize specific requests.

Data Dashboard

Data held by municipal administrations and citizen reports are collected in a single dashboard, allowing you to control KPIs.

Discover all the services for the Smart City industry.

Improve the interaction between your company and customers.
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A company's communication usually travels on several channels, in line with the multichannel – and omnichannel – logic that optimises the performance of each individual product. This approach involves an interconnected system between the various points of contact, with data transferred between the different channels and coherent strategies so that the customer has the same experience on all touchpoints.


WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger.

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M2M connectivity and telecommunications.

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