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AI Text


Artificial intelligence combined with messaging allows brands to manage the simplest issues that don’t require human support, thereby saving on costs, without excluding the option to address more complex requests to operators.

Always connected. Analytical. Automatic.

Entrust your communications to our AI Text services.


AI Text can monitor all the content written by customers on the brand's digital channels, catalogue the information and assign it a tag.

Sentiment analysis.

AI Text understands the nature of the comments and the customer's mood, thereby prioritising the most critical and urgent ones.

Immediate resolution.

AI Text can be used to manage and resolve simple information requests automatically and in real time.

Channels to travel on

Each product travels on one or more channels, in line with the multichannel – and omnichannel – logic that optimises its performance. This approach involves an interconnected system between the various points of contact, with data transferred between the different channels and coherent strategies so that the customer has the same experience on all touchpoints.

Built-in chat

Start communicating with our AI Text services.

Improve customer interaction, discover the benefits of Mexedia.

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