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Published March 27, 2023

Mexedia ON strengthens its offer with the Stip platform, a leading company in the use of AI in Customer Service processes. 

Mexedia ON strengthens its offer with the Stip platform, a leading company in the use of AI in Customer Service processes. 

The agreement between Mexedia S.p.a. SB and Stip, an Italian company that operates in the world of Customer Service with its Artificial Intelligence to streamline its processes, has been signed.

The agreement allows the Mexedia ON platform to expand and enhance its offer to Brand customers, automatically managing first-level requests, for simple and relatively common problems, and solving 95% of complex cases in a single interaction with the operator, reducing customer support costs by 70%. Through Stip’s AI, Mexedia

ON is able to support the Customer Service team, allowing it to increase its efficiency. This is thanks to a wide range of services that, for each Brand, represent an added value today.

From monitoring all content written by users (public comments, posts, emails, private messages, live chats and other types of interactions) on digital channels to identifying requests for assistance or information within the competence of the Customer Service team, including the recognition of other types of content, not relevant to or within the competence of other departments.

From the management and automatic resolution in real time of all requests for simple assistance or information, without the need for intervention by an operator, to the management of complex requests through Artificial Intelligence, enabling operators to be freed from all tasks without added value for the customer such as reworking, time necessary for the resolution of problems or waiting times.

From the automatic creation of categorized tickets, including all the information and sent directly back to the CRM with the assignment to the competent team to the optimization of the operators’ work, whose importance in the interaction with the user is never lost, but rather enhanced.

For these reasons, Mexedia ON, thanks to its agreement with Stip and a technology that travels on all channels – email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Web Chat, Twitter, Google Business Messages, Web Form, Telegram, Trustpilot – is the ideal solution for those Brands that want to maintain a constant, and proactive, interaction with their customers.

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