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Response Status Codes

The API REST can respond with the following HTTP states:

State codeDescriptionDetails
202AcceptedThe message has been accepted for processing.
207Multi-statusThe message has been accepted for processing, but some recipients are incorrect.
400Bad requestThe request contains errors, the message has not been accepted.
401UnauthorizedFailure client authentication.
402Payment requiredThe client does not have enough credit.
500Internal server errorThe server has an internal error.

In the body of the HTTP response a JSON is delivered with the result details; these are the possible answers:

State code 202:


State code 207:


State code 202:

[{“accepted”:true,”to”:”34626690739″,”id”:”102648820″},{“accepted”:false, “to”:”34″,”error”:{“code”:102,”description”:”No valid recipients”}}]

State code 400:

{“error”:{“code”:102,”description”:”No valid recipients”}}
{“error”:{“code”:104,”description”:”Text message missing”}}
{“error”:{“code”:105,”description”:”Text message too long”}} {“error”:{“code”:106,”description”:”Sender missing”}}
{“error”:{“code”:107,”description”:”Sender too long”}}
{“error”:{“code”:108,”description”:”No valid Datetime for send”}} {“error”:{“code”:109,”description”:”Notification URL incorrect”}} {“error”:{“code”:110,”description”:”Exceeded maximum parts allowed or incorrect number of parts”}} {“error”:{“code”:113,”description”:”Invalid coding”}}

State code 401:

{“error”:{“code”:103,”description”:”Username or password unknown”}} {“error”:{“code”:111,”description”:”Not enough credits”}}

State code 402:

{“error”:{“code”:111,”description”:”Not enough credits”}}

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