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Delivery Status Callback Templates

In your account you can define a template of a URL to be called when new delivery status information area vailable.
To the URL several parameters can be passed. Put the corresponding parameter name in curly braces, e.g. {MessageId} .

MessageIdstringThe ID of the corresponding message. It is the ID returned by the initial http request.
MessageStatestringThe state of the message. Possible values see Message States
ClientReferencestringThe optional custom reference you passed in the original http request in the RefId parameter.
TostringThe receiver of the delivery status information. Usually the from parameter value of the original request.
FromstringThe sender of the delivery status information. Usually the to parameter value of the original request.
SentDateTimeDateTimeThe date and time when the original message has been sent. In ISO-8859 format (e.g. 2018-03-10T17:23:15Z)
ReceivedDateTimeDateTimeThe date and time when the delivery status information was generated. In ISO-8859 format.
DeliveryStatusCodestringThe delivery status code which gives you also more information why a message is pending or could not be delivered.

Remark: The values of the several parameters will be correctly URL encoded.

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